Community Input Summarized in 2022 Natural Hazards Research Summit Report

October 6, 2023




NHERI Summit attendee provides input on future needs and opportunities

A report, "2022 Natural Hazards Research Summit,” summarizing the findings of the NHERI 2022 Natural Hazards Research Summit, held October 5-6, 2022, in Washington D.C., has been published. The report outlines the Summit objectives and impacts.

The SimCenter and DesignSafe co-hosted two companion discussion sessions focused on computational simulation and data analytics in natural hazards research—specifically asking what opportunities and needs in simulation and cyber-infrastructure will advance natural hazards research in 3-year and +10-year horizons.

Regional-scale simulations were the focus of Part 1, which helped frame the Part 2 discussion on local-scale simulations. Session Hosts: Greg Deierlein, Stanford University, and Scott Brandenberg, UCLA. Session Panelists: Krishna Kumar, University of Texas, Austin, and Adam Zsarnóczay, Stanford University. The SimCenter collected input from the 100+ diverse participants, and these are summarized in the report in Appendix B, Section 1C, and Section 2C, respectively.

Citation: Bridge, J., D. Cox, J. Ramirez, J. Thornhill. (2023). "2022 Natural Hazards Research Summit." DesignSafe-CI. v1