PBE Application (latest version 2.0.0)

The PBE Application is an extensible workflow application to perform Performance Based Engineering computations for various hazards. The current release provides researchers a tool to assess the performance of a building in an earthquake scenario. The application focuses on quantifying building performance through decision variables.

It builds on the EE-UQ App and uses its response estimates to assess the damage to building components and the consequences of such damage. The user characterizes the simulation model, and the damage and loss models of the structure, and the seismic hazard model in the PBE App. All models are interconnected by an uncertainty quantification framework that allows the user to define a flexible stochastic model for the problem.

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Adam Zsarnoczay, Frank McKenna, Charles Wang, Wael Elhaddad, & Michael Gardner. (2019, October 15). NHERI-SimCenter/PBE: Release v2.0.0 (Version v2.0.0). Zenodo.