These applications address basic and advanced modeling, analysis and simulation needs across an array of Natural Hazards. They incorporate uncertainty quantification (UQ) and optimization concepts. Downloadable apps, user manuals, user feedback, and relevant resources are available on the linked resource pages.


The quoFEM application is intended to advance the use of quantified uncertainty with optimization for FEM (quoFEM) within the field of natural hazards engineering.


The WE-UQ Application (WE App) is an open-source software that provides researchers a tool to assess the performance of a building to wind loading.


The EE-UQ Tool is an application to determine the response, including UQ, of a structure to an earthquake excitation.



The PBE application is an extensible workflow to perform Performance Based Engineering computations for various hazards. PBE analysis includes multi-ensemble simulation models for UQ.


The Regional Resilience Determination (R2D) Tool is intended to advance the capabilities of the natural hazards engineering community to simulate events over large regions and understand their consequences with fine-grained resolution. Powered by rWHALE to drive the simulations, R2D provides the ability to create scenarios, query assets, include Uncertainty Quantification, execute simulations, and visualize outcomes.


The Building Recognition using AI at Large Scale (BRAILS) is an AI-enabled tool to assist regional-scale simulations. BRAILS utilizes machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) to create enhanced building inventory databases of cities.


The Hydro-UQ application assess the performance of a building subjected to water loading during tsunami and storm surge events. The tool allows 2-D shallow water solutions obtained from far-from-coast calculations as boundary condition input to a 3-D CFD solver. This multiscale coupling facilitates the resolving of regions of interest.



Software Release Date
quoFEM Application V2.2 Oct 2020
V2.0.0 Sep 2019
V1.1.1 July 2019
V1.1.0 Sep 2018
V1.0.1 Sep 2018
V1.0.0 June 2018
WE-UQ Application V2.0.0 Sep 2019
V1.0.0 July 2019
EE-UQ Application

V2.2.0 Sep 2020
V2.0.0 Oct 2019
V1.2.0 June 2019
V1.1.0 Mar 2019
V1.0.1 Oct 2018
V1.0.0 Sep 2018

PBE Application V2.0.0 Oct 2019
V1.2.0 June 2019
V1.0 Oct 2018
R2D Tool V1.0.0 Jan 2021
BRAILS V2.0.0 Mar 2021
V1.4.0 Sept 2020
V1.0 Oct 2019

V1.0.0 April 2021
V0.9.0 Aug 2020