SimCenter at PEER-LBNL Workshop

January 29, 2024

Matt DeJong presents “SimCenter tools for simulated ground motion utilization at PEER-LBNL Workshop

Matt DeJong presents “SimCenter tools for simulated ground motion utilization"


SimCenter personnel at PEER-LBNL Workshop

SimCenter personnel (L-R): Claudio Perez, development team; Frank McKenna, CTO; Pedro Arduino, development team; Matt DeJong, PI; Jinyan Zhao, development team; Ertugrul Taciroglu, domain expert.


SimCenter researchers participated in the PEER-LBNL workshop “Simulated Ground Motions for the San Francisco Bay Area”, on January 18-19, 2024, at UC Berkeley. The workshop outlined how the earthquake engineering community can use physics-based ground motion simulations. The second day of the workshop focused on the Bay Area and the PEER-LBNL ground motion database.

During the session “Simulated ground motion use cases,” Matt DeJong, SimCenter PI, presented “SimCenter tools for simulated ground motion utilization,” where he outlined the current status of simulation capabilities featured in the EE-UQ and R2D Application Tools, and how these tools utilize ground motion data.

SimCenter domain expert Pedro Arduino moderated the session “Representation of the near- surface geotechnical layer.” Additional presentations delivered by SimCenter researchers included:

  • Nonlinear soil model inclusion in regional simulations - Ertugrul Taciroglu
  • Evaluation of water distribution systems - Kenichi Soga