SimCenter Engagement at ICASP 14

September 22, 2023


Sang-ri Yi delivers a research presentation

SimCenter researchers and software developers actively interacted with the statistics and probability community in the 14th International Conference on Application of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering (ICASP 14) which was held at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, on July 9-13, 2023. The conference was held to share investigations into applications of statistics and probability in Civil Engineering, in order to understand, manage, and act on risks and uncertainties.

Sang-ri Yi, SimCenter Postdoctoral Scholar and Software Developer, presented “Stochastic Emulation with Enhanced Partial Replication Strategy for Seismic Response Estimation,” written by Sang-ri Yi and Alexandros Taflanidis, SimCenter domain expert. This talk introduced a stochastic emulation method to efficiently predict the seismic responses of structural systems. This method is included in SimCenter applications quoFEM and EE-UQ.

SimCenter domain experts Alex Taflanidis and Michael Shields co-organized a mini-symposium that brought together more than 20 presentations across four sessions on the topic of Surrogate and Reduced Order Modeling. “It was exciting to see so much interest from the engineering risk and reliability community in this important research topic,” said Shields.

Additional presentations delivered by SimCenter researchers included:

  • Efficient Subset Simulations using Hamiltonian Neural Network enhanced Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods.” Denny Thaler, Somayajulu Dhulipala, Franz Bamer, Bernd Markert, Michael Shields - present"ed by Michael Shields.
  • “Regional surge hazard map development using Gaussian Process metamodeling.” WoongHee Jung, Alexandros Taflanidis, Norberto Nadal-Caraballo, Madison Yawn, Luke Aucoin - presented by Alex Taflanidis.
  • “Active learning-based structural design optimization under constraints on first-passage probability.” Jungho Kim, Sang-ri Yi, Junho Song - presented by Sang-ri-Yi.

SimCenter co-PI Ahsan Kareem and SimCenter domain experts Jack Baker, Joel Conte, and Alex Taflanidis were members of the Scientific Committee.