2 Valuable Resources for Natural Hazards Engineering

August 18, 2020

Continuum mechanics of solids is a fundamental subject for advanced geotechnical and structural simulations in natural hazards engineering. Two valuable resources, especially for new graduate students, are books written by Lallit Anand and Sanjay Govindjee. The main textbook, Continuum Mechanics of Solids, is published by Oxford University Press; it introduces the reader to the basics of solid mechanics and also addresses more advanced topics such as fracture and fatigue, plasticity, and other important material responses. It will help equip graduate students to become practicing engineers as well as prepare them for more specialized studies in the mechanical behavior of materials. The second book, Example Problems for Continuum Mechanics of Solids, is independently published and provides students with a variety of problems with fully worked solutions. A discounted rate of 30% is available from Oxford University Press for a limited time. Visit www.oup.com/academic and use promo code ASPROMP8 at checkout for the discount.